Diversity In The Banking Industry

Apr 22, 2017

Bangladesh’s Banking industry remains a predominantly man's world. According to a study conducted by The Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management (BIBM), instead of going up overall women’s employment and participation of women in important decision making roles dropped to 12.91 percent in 2016 from 13.73 percent a year earlier.

Women in the Banking Industry in Bangladesh
Women in the Banking Industry in Bangladesh

The study titled Human Resource Management of Banks 2016 was conducted on 25 banks out of 57 banks and looked at various aspects of human resource management in the banking industry in Bangladesh. The report also found a negligible ratio of female executives in senior positions, a meager 8.56 percent in 2016, of which 5.37 percent for departmental heads and 8.62 percent as branch managers.

What it matters: Diversity at the workplace has become a hot topic all over the world over the last few years. An increasing number of companies and industries are making a conscious effort to ensure greater participation of women and of other less representative groups in their workforce. Although the discussion is not that prevalent in Bangladesh, it is a right one to have.

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