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Khaas Food 101: Inside Khaas Food’s Ambition To Become Your Ultimate Destination for Pure Food Products

Khaas Food
Khaas Food

Khaas Food, the Dhaka-based pure food products focused ecommerce startup, is one of the few pure food companies in Dhaka’s growing startup scene. Started in 2015, the company has been growing consistently over the past few years. Originally founded by three friends who used to manage everything of the company in early days, today, it is a team of 18 people, offers over 100 products, all pure and directly sourced from farmers. The company claims to have collaboration with more than 20 producers and farmers and serves over 60 orders a day with a consistent monthly growth.

Recently we spoke to A.M.M Habibul Mustafa, co-founder and Chairman of Khaas Food, to understand more about the company, its current state and the future plans, you may read the full interview here, and in our conversation, we found out some very interesting facts about Khaas Food.

The beginning and the vision

  • Khaas Food started a small scale operation in 2015 and got into full-fledged operation in early 2016. The founders put together an amount of BDT 0.20 million as capital.
  • They initially operated out of the apartment of one of the founders, and after a few months, in August 2015, it rented a small room and hired 02 new staffs to do the delivery and other things.
  • Initially, it only dealt with Honey, dry fish, Black seed oil, Ghee and some other spice items.
  • Khaas Food provides pure food products directly sourced from farmers that are hard to come by in an environment where adulteration is rampant. In the coming years, it plans to get into contract-farming and produce organic foods. “We want to make Khaas Food the ultimate destination for adulteration free, pure food products, says A.M.M Habibul Mustafa, “we plan to add more items in the coming days so that our customers can get all their food products from us.”
  • Currently, the company sells through its Facebook page and newly revamped website.

The numbers

  • Khaas Food is now a team of 18 people and growing and offers around 100 products. The company is adding more products on a regular basis.
  • It goes into long-term partnership with farmers/producers once it finds them reliable. It has now partnerships with over 20 farmers/producers.
  • It now serves 50 to 60 orders per day of an average basket size of BDT 800 per order and is growing at 8-10% every month.

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