Banglalink Sees Big Data Revenue Spike

Mar 5, 2017
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Banglalink, the third largest telecom operator of the country, after the Robi and Airtel merger, has experienced a 3.4% growth in its gross revenue in 2016 compared to 2015, largely driven by its data revenue, which grew by 51.2 percent year-on-year to Tk 4.90 billion reported by Vimpelcom.

Banglalink currently has 3.04 crore subscribers and out of that, 1.49 crore subscribers use its data services. It has been investing heavily in 3G rollout and now covers almost 59% population of the country.

Banglalink data business:

  • Data revenue grew by 51.2% year-on-year to Tk 4.90 billion in 2016
  • Per user monthly data usage grew by 192% year-on-year to 391 MB at the end of December 2016
  • The company’s 3G network covers 59% population of the country which was only 33%

Banglalink has been putting a lot of importance on digital transformation and turning itself into a digital service company in the past few months. In a recent visit to Bangladesh, VimpelCom CEO, the parent company of Banglalink, Jean-Yves Charlier made some profound comments about the future of telecom industry and the future plans for Banglalink.

As we reported earlier: Mr. Yves pointed that the telecom industry is going through an unprecedented change and data has already taken over the voice business in many parts of the world. In the coming years, telecom industry will be more like a digital service company and the messaging is going to be a key component in that future.

Banglalink CEO Erik Aas also spoke extensively about the company's digital strategy in an interview with the daily star last year. The rapid growth of its data business will certainly help the company to play around its digital strategy.

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