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Brac Uni Students’ Made nano-satellite Onnesha, Here Is A Couple Things You Should Know

Local technology scene touched another milestone with the making of nano-satellite, named Onnesha, by a team of students of Brac University, with technical support from a Japanese University. Here is a couple of things to note:

  • The nano-satellite is a 10 centimeter cubic shaped device
  • The satellite is supposed to launch in the March this year.
  • Japanese Aerospace Agency will launch it using their facility.
  • Once launched, the satellite will fly at a height of 350 kilometer from the ground,
  • It will be capable of taking high-quality images that may aid environmental and agricultural research and will also be helpful during natural calamity.
  • The Onnesha will rotate around the earth in every 90 minutes and is capable of encircling the earth 4 to 5 times a day.

Dr. Md. Khalilur Rahman, a mentor of this project, said, “what is more important is that Bangladesh has joined the club of Space researching countries”. He expected that this will eventually motivate Bangladeshi nationals to make even rockets in coming days.

Point to commercial implication, Mr. Rahman said that investors are rushing to china and India because they know that these countries have capable manpower at cheap rate to make technological breakthrough. “This small initiative of of making a Nano satellite will give a signal to them also”, he added.

Here is the related documentary:

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