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Storylab Update: Introducing Dynamic Pricing

We launched Storylab, an in-house branded content studio at FS, in December 2016, to help brands and companies tell stories in a distracted world because we believe that great stories move us.

The studio, still in beta, helps brands to design content strategy, develop content, and distribute them through Future Startup to an influential and affluent audience consisting of 55% under the age 45. Our audience is mostly business and tech professionals, entrepreneurs and CEOs and millennials who are hard to reach through conventional mediums.

We offer content partnership, sponsored content series, on-demand custom content series, microsite, white paper and report to brands and companies.

A growing number of brands are investing in content and storytelling, rightly so because reaching out to your audience and drawing attention is increasingly becoming a challenge. People now don’t subscribe to intrusive ads and communication materials. And that is exactly where a good story wins.

A story is not self-promoting and it is value driven and instead of trying to sell something to its viewers it offers value that engages the audience.

Recent studies suggest, a good story raises the perceived value of a product in manifold and improves brand equity. That said, it is often difficult for companies to come up with content that works.

For many it is expensive and for most, it is hard to distribute in an effective way to the right audience. This is where Storylab comes in. Since we are a sort of an “agency” we can afford to design and develop content at an affordable rate for the most brands and can also help with authentic distribution through Future Startup and our upcoming Bengali platform Binirman.

If you are interested in exploring possible opportunities, please email us: nezam@futurestartup.com


Since our inception in December last year, we have worked with brands like IDLC Finance Limited, we developed and distributed 06 stories for them and the campaign was beyond super hit, Ispahani Mirzapur Tea, AjkerDeal, Doctorola, BD Venture, G&R and more.


Although we have already worked with a handful number of brands, we are still in beta and are offering a limited service to a select number of companies.

That said, as part of our continuous improvement, we are introducing dynamic pricing for Storylab, which means you will pay for what you get.

Dynamic pricing

From now on, we will charge you only for what you get. There will be a base price for the content production and for distribution, you will pay based on our unique amplification score cum share count. Find a chart below with breakdown of our pricing.

Future Startup Storylab- dynamic pricing

We plan to improve our service quality and at the same time, take your content/stories to a larger audience while delivering concrete ROI for your investments. We believe this change in pricing will enable us to get one step closer towards that goal.

If you want to avail our service, please call: +8801521 496605 or email: nezam@futurestartup.com

Thank you for reading.

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