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Meghdut Plans Public Beta Launch of Its Analytics Platform at Demo Dhaka

Meghdut, the Dhaka-based Analytics startup, plans to launch the public beta of its analytics platform at Demo Dhaka, a platform by hubdhaka that enables entrepreneurs and makers to showcase their products, on January 21, 2017.

While the platform is now open to select Meghdut clients, it will be open for public use after the beta launch. Anyone can register and use the platform and check out demo analysis. However, for further use and a free account will require permission from Meghdut.

Meghdut Plans Public Beta Launch of Its Analytics Platform at Demo Dhaka

Some highlights

  • Meghdut provides an analytics dashboard that let people track their business metrics live. For instance, an e-commerce may want to know the top customers in last quarter or areas are driving its sales. You can do it instantly in Meghdut without writing a single line of code or running a SQL query.
  • In order to run an analysis, you have to upload your data files or integrate Meghdut’s API to create real-time integration.
  • The purpose of the beta, as stated by the startup, is to get more user feedback about their necessities and to make the product perfect before full release.
  • Founded by Wasik Mursalin and Mahmudur Rahman in December 2015, the startup has already worked with a couple of companies including GlaxoSmithKline Bangladesh and Arla Foods Limited among others. It has also launched a field operations management tool called FieldForce.

Data analysis is a largely untapped market in Bangladesh. Despite the growing interest in big data and its business potentials globally, Bangladesh remains a laggard not only in data-driven decision-making and various other applications of data but also in the availability of data itself. However, the good thing is a slow realization of the value of data and its power to shape our business and world is happening.

Meghdut Analytics aims to tap into this opportunity and help companies to put their data into better use with less effort. The startup helps companies to export their existing data to its analytics platform and generate useable insights.

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