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Monthly Digest: Best Business And Technology Stories You Missed In December To Upend Office Supply Business In Dhaka [Read full story]

In Bangladesh, office supply is a big business. There are hundreds of different businesses doing this supply business in different forms. For an office, managing this supplies is quite a challenging job. The process, in a manual world, is quite cumbersome, untransparent, slow and unpredictable. Companies usually work with a number of vendors for their office supplies. The problem with this process is simple: it is time consuming, inefficient and you can’t control the experience., the first online B2B ecommerce platform in Bangladesh, taps into this opportunity and builds a frictionless experience for B2B customers.

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Inside Ajkerdeal’s Big Plan To Take e-Commerce Beyond Dhaka [Read full story]

Ajkerdeal, one of the leading e-commerce marketplaces in the country, has big plans to take e-commerce to the remote parts of the country. It has already started to deploy agents in different parts of the country who will sell products from its platform on its behalf in exchange for a small cut of the commission it gets from the merchants. The company has also inked a partnership with at least two companies who have an active distribution network or agents in different remote parts of the country.

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Brain Station-23 Raises Funding From BD Venture And IPE Capital, Plans To Push Growth [Read the full story]

Brain Station-23, the local IT solutions provider, has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from two local investors BD Venture Limited and IPE Capital. Brain Station-23, founded by Raisul Kabir in 2006, offers outsourcing service, software, web and mobile app development, ecommerce solutions and other relevant IT services and is a team of over 120 people. Over the last couple of years, the startup has been able to build a solid client portfolio and reputation for its quality service in the market.

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Meet Uddom, The BPO Startup That Aims To Serve Other Startups and Businesses [Read the full story]

There are big players in BPO space who offer services to big companies locally but the need of small and medium companies does not fit with their cost structure. That’s where Uddom Business Services Limited, a recently launched startup comes in. The startup aims to become the BPO partner of startups and small and medium companies. We recently spoke to co-founder of Uddom, Mohammed Kawsar, about Uddom, its services, plan and more.

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Huawei Plots Big Smartphone Push In Bangladesh [Read the full story]

Huawei, the Chinese multinational telecom company, is planning big smartphone push in Bangladesh. The company has a strong footing in Bangladesh, an already competitive market, and now is investing heavily in strengthening distribution channel, building customer service points and brand awareness and aims to be the largest smartphone brand in the country by 2018.

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This Company Turns Plastic Waste Into Money -And Jobs [Read the full story]

Plastic bottle is one of the ubiquitous objects in our environment nowadays. Bangladesh manufactures, uses and discards a staggering 400 core PET bottles a year and spends $ 225 million importing, PET resins, raw materials for manufacturing them. While some of these bottles are refurbished and recycled, a troubling amount of it is discarded just after one-time use and thrown away to landfills around the country. Moreover, plastic bottles are nonbiodegradable and are seriously hazardous to the environment.

But what if you could recycle these bottles and help create jobs and simultaneously address an environmental problem and make money? 

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Can Government Postal Service Become a Dependable Logistics Partner To Dhaka’s E-commerce Industry? [Read the full story]

Logistics has been a nightmare for Dhaka’s thriving E-commerce scene. Almost every e-shop owners, be it a Facebook store or full-fledged e-commerce site owner, complain about the poor delivery network, poor customer service, fraudulent payment behavior in case of COD against existing logistics services aka courier services.

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The State of Digital Payment In Bangladesh [Read the full story]

The state of the digital transaction is poor in Bangladesh. The report, cited above, validates the statement. According to the report, 69% of government transactions about $45 billion, mostly salary, are being made through digital channels which is 2.5% of total transactions, $150 billion, for business and a slightly better 3%, $169 billion, for individuals. After analyzing available payment data the report claims government entities, businesses, and individuals make only 12% of payments by value (equating to $44 billion of $367 billion total annual payments), and only 6% of payment by volume (around 260 million or 4.4 billion total payments) via electronic means.

[su_divider top="no" divider_color="#adacab" link_color="#edde29" size="1"][/su_divider]’s Next Growth Frontier [Read the full story], the leader in job portal space in Dhaka, has evolved significantly over the last couple of years. It has dramatically improved its technology, platform and, UX for its existing users, who are mostly white-collar job seekers.

The company is now eyeing for further growth by making the platform more useful to employers when it comes to hiring right candidates and opening it up for specialized skilled jobs, blue-collar job seekers to be precise, said its founder Fahim Mashroor.

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