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These Are The Areas Where AI Will Go Big In The Next 10 Years

Nov 21, 2016

There is an Artificial Intelligence bubble going on out there: robots eating our jobs to becoming our intelligent companion. The concern that AI going rough and causing the extinction of the human race is real as well. Every day, a good number of pages of newspapers and online portals are allocated to discuss the potential impact of AI and how can we possibly prepare ourselves for the upcoming catastrophe.

Although, there is a quite plausible chance of happening all of these things around AI, but according to market intelligence firm Tractica none of these is going to happen very soon. The company forecasted top 10 different use cases for AI in the next 10 years, means 2016-2025, and the list neither looks apocalyptic nor something out of the world. Rather, it looks perfectly mundane.

Let’s see the top 10 use cases for AI in the next 10 years:

AI Forecast
AI Forecast

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