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Here Is The Latest Batch Of Spark Bangladesh Startups

Sep 29, 2016

Spark Bangladesh, the local wing of Spark International, has announced 2nd batch of startups for its accelerator program scheduled on October 01, 2016. The program brings together potential social entrepreneurs and provides them five days of intensive entrepreneurship training lead by world class facilitators along with other benefits including funding. You may know more about the program here.

Here is the complete list of startups from its second batch in Dhaka.

Women In Digital: Women In Digital empowers women by giving them IT training and access to Digital Platform.

Creative Jute: Creative Jute produces eco-friendly jute products like jute bags, sacks, and corporate gift items and empowers women and promotes national heritage through the process.

BookmyLook: BookmyLook connects women with skills to the market directly and help them increase their income.

AMAL: AMAL serves underprivileged children with healthcare and education facilities in the urban slums and remote river delta villages of Bangladesh.

Oikkyo: Oikkyo empowers rural entrepreneurs by introducing them in a national TV show and creating an online marketplace to give them access to customers.

Female Empowerment Movement: Female Empowerment Movement trains women living in slum areas in self defense in order to fight against sexual violence and then creates employment opportunities for those women in the security sector

Project Prottasha: Project Prottasha aims to reinvent the education system in Bangladesh by giving kids a proper school structure, access to technology and the inspiration to study.

Spreeha Bangladesh: Spreeha BD prepares urban slum dwelling children (3-5 years old) for primary schools and helps foster their basic social, physical, cognitive and language development needs.

Leaping Boundaries: Leaping Boundaries aims to develop leadership skills in madrasa students to cope up with the mainstream society where they are underrepresented compared to those who are from non-madrasa institutions.

Jhilimili: Jhilimili develops and delivers non-formal education to street children who cannot go to schools by involving University students as volunteers.

Storrea: Storrea is an e-commerce platform where any online seller can create his own branded website without any technical knowledge within minutes and start selling right away.

Chakridata: An offline job portal that connects people without access to technology with the potential employers by bridging information gap.

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