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Intel Buys Movidius, The Chip Maker That Enables Machines To See

Sep 7, 2016

The technology giant Intel, which has been going through a lot recently having missed out on mobile chip market, acquires Movidius at an undisclosed sum. Movidius makes computer vision chips that enable virtual reality, drones, and smart devices to see and respond to the world around them.

The eight years old company states giving machines “the power of sight,” as its mission. The has grown rapidly in recent years and is now a team of 180 people. It has already been working with Lenovo, DJI and Google. DJI, the Chinese consumer drone maker, uses Movidius chip in its drones and Google also uses for is augmented reality system Tango.

Intel has its RealSense depth-sensing camera technology, which the company plans to pair with Movidius. Intel says, "combined with Intel’s existing Assets, Movidius Technology – for New Devices Like Drones, Robots, Virtual Reality Headsets and More – Positions Intel to lead in providing computer vision and deep learning solutions from the device to the cloud"

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