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At Future Startup, we are looking for startups to feature, write about, investigate, connect with, and present to the world!

We are sector, category, region, size, connection, and status quo agnostic, what we care about, of course, is a great startup and a passionate team working hard behind it every day.

Why you should care:

  • Our stories are read by the most important people in business and technology in Bangladesh, likes of entrepreneurs, investors, founders, people with deep curiosity in business and technology who can make a difference for your business.
  • Our stories almost 70% times get followed up by further media coverage from newspapers like DS and DT.
  • We give you a chance to reach out to early adopters and most influential, affluent, tech savvy but notoriously difficult to reach content consumers in Bangladesh.

How do we decide who to feature:

As an eco-system, we are at just getting started. We believe that part of our job is to facilitate the ecosystem to grow and then mature. Hence, at times we tend to cover stories that seem a little too early.

But our stories send signals to the important people in the industry and they trust our judgment. So, we are looking for startups doing real work, means working hard to build a sustainable business, and working on some real and important problems. Do you fall in this description?


For the first batch of startups, we are accepting applications till Midnight, September 10, 2016

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