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Global Index: Bangladesh Among The Riskiest Countries For Doing Business

A new global civil unrest index published by the risk consultancy firm Verisk Maplecroft ranks Bangladesh among the riskiest countries for business. The country ranks sixth after India (4th) followed by Myanmar and Mexico.

Global Civil Unrest Index
Global Civil Unrest Index

The index ranks 198 countries and measures triggers for unrest: the frequency and severity of mass demonstrations and protests: the effects on business; and the mechanisms in place to avert disruption.

The index covers 45 indices including regulatory and political violence risks, such as civil unrest, mass demonstration, terrorism and resource nationalism risk. Fourteen of the indices are updated on a quarterly basis to enable the identification of trends and emerging developments across dynamic risk issues while the remaining twenty-nine indices are updated annually and include an assessment of key ‘structural risks’ such as governance and resource security challenges, providing companies with an insight into the long-term trajectory of a country.

Verisk Maplecroft’s political risk dataset and index enables companies to identify and compare risks that impact their global operations, supply chains and investments.

Bangladesh has been experiencing a consistent GDP growth in recent years. According to recent WB report, Bangladesh’s growth prospect is 2nd highest, after India, among the SAARC nations. However, the country has a lot to do in order to maintain the growth including maintaining the stability and ensure a proper business friendly environment.

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