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New Co-working Space Launches In Dhaka

Jul 30, 2016

Hive, a new coworking space in Dhaka, has officially opened its door to startups, independent professionals, consultants and all kinds of makers in need of a space that helps them to perform at their best. Finding a space is hard and expensive in Dhaka. Starting a business or following an independent profession often comes at great costs and the office is one of the most expensive items on the list. Even if someone manages to work out of home or a coffee shop, it is incredibly important to get a dedicated place to get work done. Hive started out of a desire to solve that problem and empower startups and independent professionals in Dhaka.

The coworking space, located in Dhanmondi, Greenroad area of the city, offers anyone who is starting a company or works independently or with a small team the ability to rent one desk or more. The agreement is month to month, and one can choose from a range of options. Members get access to high-speed WiFi, printers, free coffee, meeting and conference rooms, and more.

Coworkers will also get access to developers and technologists to fix their immediate tech needs and social media marketing support to get help with design and social media marketing. The coworking space has one small meeting room, one conference room, a common working zone, and a silent working zone. Currently, Hive can accommodate around 75 people.

Coworking has become one of the hot topics in Dhaka recently. There are a few other coworking spaces, including hubdhaka and Moar, but team Hive believes there’s room for many more.

Founded by four friends, Ashiq Rahman, Rubaiyat Kamal, Fuad Quader and Abir Chowdhury, Hive aims to become the epicenter of major tech and startup happenings in the town. While founders want to see Hive to succeed first, but they also have plans to support the growing tech ecosystem in Dhaka by giving smart people space, community, and connection.

Image by Hive.

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