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5 Tips To Grow Your Ecommerce Business

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1. Email Marketing

Email list is still a crucial marketing tool for any eCommerce campaign. It’s a perfect way to establish communication directly with your customers and give them useful information to convince them to repeat purchase from you.

Email marketing campaigns can serve a multitude of purposes. For example, if someone wants to purchase a months supply of protein powder from your site, your automated email system could send them an email reminding them to purchase more after 3 weeks.

2. Loyalty Programmes

A strong customer loyalty programme is extremely useful for retaining customers. It makes customers feel appreciated while also encouraging your most loyal customers to spend a little bit more. It's an effective way to improve your customer retention rate.

The cost of customer acquisition is always difficult and costly compared to retaining existing clients. A properly designed loyalty program can help you save tons in advertising dollars and help you build a loyal customer base.

3. Invest in Building your Brand

It is easy to get busy with the short-term gains and forget the long term goals. Investing in branding is one of such areas.

People often spend handsomely in facebook marketing and other quick ROI driven channels but you should also invest in building your brand for the long run.

4. Images and Descriptions

Make sure that every product page has at least one suitable clear image on it, more if you have them. Users typically need to see what you are offering as well as read something about it to fully convince them to purchase.

Your description should outline the features of the product and be clear as to what the customer is actually purchasing. There is billions of income lost on each year by eCommerce businesses due to a lack of proper imagery and unclear product descriptions.

5. Make buying easy

You should make purchasing on your site easy and simple. The fewer steps need to take your user from the first click to purchase, the better.

Sometimes making the user signup and create an account can be tempting, it’s fine to have it as an option but don’t make it mandatory if possible.

If your customers aren’t interested in signing up, don’t force them or they will leave your site without purchasing anything.

Abdullah Al Mufty is a young Entrepreneur, dreamer and working on his on-demand household solution startup and Founder of Unber Laundry and Epic shop Bd .

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