FSI Report: State Of Education Tech In Bangladesh

May 4, 2016

In recent years, we have seen a growing number of Edtech startups in Dhaka. Although, most of these startups are SaaS in nature, targeting schools and management but this is an interesting start. There are also a couple of companies offering online education, online tutoring at Heytutoring, and online test preparation platforms etc.

Top of that, companies like GP and organizations like Jaago are collaborating to provide long distance learning. These all are interesting developments. In coming years, we hope to see more rapid changes in the industry.

Edtech has been a very interesting sector and one of the fast-growing spaces globally. According to Tracxn data, more than $9.6B is being invested in the space since 2006. Yet, it is easy to say that the sector is just getting started and we are just scratching the surface.

Emerging Edtech trends in Bangladesh

We have Edtech companies in Bangladesh that help overall education ecosystem to grow. There are companies helping schools, students, teachers and parents to better collaborate in order to improve efficiency.

There are companies that are helping to reach more people to increase literacy and also companies offering online courses and e-tutoring platform.

The Future

“Each year, 1.3 million youth join the labor force. But most of the entrants lack the essential education or skills for a better job,” said a report by the World Bank. This is a huge opportunity. The lack of skilled manpower is going to be a big problem in coming years in Bangladesh. Building a company that will prepare people for the job market should have a big market.

Test preparation for job and admission is a big market. There are companies that are making big bucks just publishing books in this space. There is a need for test preparation service.

The Current state of Edtech in Bangladesh is largely dominated by technology services. There are a couple of companies offering online course and test preparation. But we need more of these companies that can scale faster.

There are other pain points in education ecosystem like tutoring, we have a couple of companies operating in this space, admission and recruitment, test and exam preparation, exam systems, quality education, education for professionals, e-discovery platforms, educational resources and more.

Data source: Tracxn

Globally, startups in online courses, technology, tutoring, and edutainment have received biggest amount of funding. Funding-wise, followings are the fast growing sectors in Edtech space, according to Tracxn data.

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