These Are The Technologies And Startups Shaping The Future Of Startup World

Apr 24, 2016

The world of technology has been going through a rapid shift over the last couple of years. We have come to experience the power of AI, AR, VR, automation, Bots and more. These technologies, fundamentally disruptive in nature, are changing the face of many industries as we know it. From commerce to communication, to entertainment to electric vehicles, new technologies are emblazing the startup world.

An increasing number of startups are today exploring new opportunities with these new technologies. Although it is hard to find widespread examples such startups in Bangladesh, it is pretty prevalent in India and other active startup ecosystems. We hope to see startups in these areas in Dhaka soon.

Here's is a list of such technologies that are taking the startup world by storm and making VCs pay attention, put together by India-based startup research firm Tracxn.

Chatbot, your commerce and communication companion. Chatbot will replace the call center and do your work for you. Augmented Reality, going beyond gaming.

8 technologies shaping startup world 02
8 technologies shaping the startup world 02

Virtual reality: entertainment and social networking will never be the same. Electric cars, faster and better transportation.

8 technologies shaping startup world 03
8 technologies shaping startup world 03

3D printing, the new age of prototype and customization. AR/VR in healthcare, better healthcare delivery.

8 technologies shaping startup world 04
8 technologies shaping startup world 04

Wireless charging, get rid off hassles. Home battery systems, smart power consumption at home.

8 technologies shaping startup world 05
8 technologies shaping startup world 05

In Bangladesh, we need more startups to look at these technologies and catch up with changes happening in the market.

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