How Many Times Should You Try Before Success? [Infographic]

Apr 5, 2016

In our society, we consider failure as something dangerous and unwanted. We tend to believe that people who fail are less capable than those of us who even don't try.

We have published a list of failed startups in Bangladesh yesterday. The purpose was to encourage failure but many people reacted in a way that tells a lot about our perception of failure.

We assume that people who fail worth nothing but that's not what the truth is. Success seldom comes on the first or second try. Anything good takes time to happen. It comes to those who try, fail and then try again and then keep trying until they succeed.

Most people assume that building a startup is as simple as building a website. Once you have a website and a few users, millions of dollars roll in. That does not happen. You get to work hard, day and night. That's also not for a day or two but for many years before you claim yourself a success.

Many people get curious about how many times one needs to try before success. Is there a standard number to reach before quitting?

Anne Vital tried to answer that by putting together stories of few successful entrepreneurs.

Find an infographic and a list of numbers below that might help you to develop a better understanding of trying and success. The infographic and list, both are put together by awesome Anne Vital of Funders and Founders.


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