Chorki Turns One And Here Is Everything You Need To Know About It In Three Graphs

Apr 5, 2016

One year ago, on April 2015 to be accurate, Chorki launched in Dhaka as a Bangla search engine that enables local product search. Since then, the startup has evolved a lot.

It has launched 3 products, a search engine that is no more confined to the idea of product search rather it allows people to search almost anything including restaurant, food and more, a news app that aggregates news from various sources that has now more than 5000 downloads, an eCommerce platform called Ghoori and an ad network called Lateem.

The team Chorki has a great vision and wonderful product team as well. Although frequent launching is considered as one of the important metrics of any fast growing startups but for

Although frequent launching is considered as one of the important metrics of any fast growing startups but for Chorki launching new products was rather a distraction for last one year. While it has a few great products in the market, the startup failed to focus on one product and take it to the top. Being said that, the startup has great future given that it has great products and steady support from its backer Mind Initiatives, a venture firm based in Dhaka. 

The below charts show where Chorki along with its other products stands today.

Chorki-the search engine

Chorki search offers 4 features: web search, product search, news search and food search. The product search option contains more than 800 Bangladeshi e-commerce websites with around 5 lakh products. You can find pricing, product category, and within website search option which allows you to find your desired products and order it online. 

News search aggregates news from top 30 Bangladesh news portals with more than 5 lakh news contents. It allows users to get news updates from all these top news portals in one click.

Chorki brought food search category on August 2015. Today, it generates more than 50 thousand food results.

Ghoori: eCommerce platform

An e-Commerce platform that allows merchants to open an online shop and start their business at anytime from anywhere. Ghoori takes a small cut from every sale a merchant make through its platform.

Currently, Ghoori has around 1500 merchants and around 20,000 products on its platform. The platform has around 30-40 thousand unique users a month.

Data source: Chorki

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