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I Attended A Career Crafting Session By SevenSages And These Are The 5 Lessons I Learned About Life And Career

Career Crafting? Now what is that, right? Many students and even professionals often feel clueless about which career path they should pursue in life. More often than not, years go by before one finally stumbles upon the best career fit.

To overcome this state of being lost and clueless in one’s career as well as life, Career Crafting helps an individual understand the path one should take based on the interests, passion and skills one possesses.

SevenSages, an organization working with human and organizational development, held its first session of Career Crafting on 27th February, 2016.

This session taught them that whatever roles we take on in our lives – either stereo-typically or otherwise – are ‘outside-in’ reactions. Never for once do we try to explore the innate preferences one is rooted and the innate potentials one is meant to grow towards. Whereas, when we can understand our inner potential and choose things accordingly to complement it we will only save time and flourish more in life.

We will not only respond to the opportunities given to us, we will be able to breakthrough and create our own opportunities. The coach for this session was Mr. Indroneil Mukerjee who has been a Transformational Coach himself for about 17 years and transformed lives of around 5000 individuals.

So what are five of the many valuable lessons the participants took home after the session? Here is my take:

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“We all have one thing in common,” that is-”We are all unique!”

The session began with these words, to clarify and highlight how important it is to accept our individuality and traits because that is what makes us unique.

Comparing ourselves with others does not in any way contribute to our growth in life because different people react and perform differently to the same situations. No one is better or worse either, because we all have different expectations, goals and destinies in life.

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“Why shouldn’t the next CEO of Google Inc. be someone from Bangladesh? Why shouldn’t the next multi-billion dollar company be founded in Bangladesh?”

That’s the motivation and inspiration the participants were flooded with when Faheem Tanveer Ahmed, former Head of Business, SAP Bangladesh and current CEO of Crossways IT Ltd began to deliver his keynote speech.

He talked about how he had started out in his career, stressing on how he only focused on learning as much as he could so that he could fulfill his dream of having his own company one day. He talked about not going after money using examples from his own life, but instead to go where you can grow.

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There’s a scene in the movie Kung-fu Panda where Po, the protagonist, leaves his dad’s noodle cart at the bottom of the stairs in order to climb faster to the Jade Palace.

That’s exactly where the concept of the noodle-cart comes from! Your noodle-cart consists of all the things that are holding you back in order to go ahead and achieve your true passion.

Don’t let the world hold you back from what you truly want in life, you have to fight your obstacles and move forward.

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Have you always been struggling to construct a proper CV/resume? Are you tired of getting rejections despite having what it takes? Do you want to know firsthand from the recruiters what are the basic elements they look for in a CV?

Hasinul Arefin, Compensation and Benefits Manager at British American Tobacco, made a special appearance and talked about the importance of a CV during recruitment. Starting from the importance of CGPAs to ECAs, he picked on every element of a general graduate’s CV and talked about them. This particular session surely helped everyone to finally crack the codes of a CV!

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Dr Tamgid Ahmed Chowdhury, who is an Assistant Professor in the School of Business and Economics, North South University, stressed on how important it is to not run after every internship opportunity out there but instead be selective about the few internships one does.

Internships are exposures to the corporate world and it’s an important way to get a taste of the field one wishes to experience after graduation. He also talked about a recent research he has conveyed in order to better understand the demands of local and multinational companies in Bangladesh. This helped the participants get a better idea of what they should focus on to further ascertain their recruitment in their desired companies.

These five points alone do not suffice to explain the wealth of knowledge that had been imparted to the participants throughout this day-long session. To be precise, it wasn’t just a session – it was a coming together of the corporates with the leaders of tomorrow.

Sabrina Rahman studies at the Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka

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