Marc Andreessen Said Startups Should Move-Fast

Feb 29, 2016

Tomorrow’s advance man, as called by the New Yorker magazine last year, Marc Andreessen of Andreessen Horowitz is as bullish as ever about the potentials of startups in building a better future for the world but he suggests it has to be done with speed and agility. There is no room for waiting and going slow. You have to move fast in Silicon Valley in order to win the game.

Last week, on stage at the Startup Grind conference in Redwood City, California, the co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz continued to advocate the move-fast mentality: “this is not a business for the shy, said Andreessen, "this is not a business for passive. This is a business for the aggressive."

‘Move fast and break things’ motto is what drives Silicon Valley startup scene. Companies like Facebook and Google used the mantra to grow fast and big and outperform competition.

Image: Michael Kovac/Getty Images 

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