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The Best Startup Stories Of February

Feb 28, 2016

As another month, February, of 2016 rolls to an end, we have tried to put together a list of best startup stories and news that moved greater number of our users.

Gathered below are the most read and shared startup related stories and news published on Future Startup in February, 2016 [Find best reads of January here

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healthcare startups in Bangladesh
two healthcare startups

1. Startups Will Transform Healthcare Industry In Bangladesh

Like many other industries in Bangladesh, healthcare is on the verge of change. The current state of the sector is at best broken. The quality of service, most instances, is sub-par. There is little to no innovation around service delivery. Long queues are as painful as service itself.

If you want to see a doctor, particularly famous ones, it is very difficult to get an appointment. If you get one within a considerable timeline, you will have to wait for long hours before seeing the doctor.

Technology has a role to play here. While helping bring innovation around service delivery, it can increase efficiency as well.

Two local startups, Doctorola and Rx71, are working hard to just do that. Taking advantage of technology, these startups are aiming to disrupt healthcare industry, introduce better approaches to deliver healthcare and reduce pains of customers.

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2. This Startup Plans To Take On Housemaid Service Industry In Dhaka

Poripaati, a startup beta testing its service in the Mirpur area of the city, plans to digitize how you find, employ and work with housemaid. The startup promises to supply on-demand maid, security checked, competent, and professional all within a price range of BDT 150 per hour and BDT 5000 for a month for a daily two hours worth of service.

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3. Uber Plans To Launch In Bangladesh, Announces New Job Openings In Dhaka

Uber, the unicorn ride-hailing startup, is hiring in Dhaka! According to job posts published on the website of the company, the startups is hiring for three positions in Dhaka. The positions are Marketing Manager, Operations & Logistics Manager, and General Manager.

It is known that the 5 years old ride hailing startup has been looking for new growth opportunities but there was no formal announcement about its launch in Dhaka. However, this hiring notice definitely indicates that the startup is launching in Dhaka soon.

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4. BDcabs Receives Investment From Etohum

BDcabs, a Bangladeshi Mobile App made by Asian Information Technology Limited (AITL), has been awarded as one of the Top 5 Startups in Eurasia from among 100 other selected startups by Startup Istanbul Competition 2015, said a press statement sent to Future Startup.

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jack ma
Jack Ma, executive chairman of Alibaba Group, at the WSJD Live conference in Laguna Beach, California, on Oct. 27.

5. Alibaba Plans To Enter Bangladesh Market, Launches Bangla Version Of UC Browser

Alibab, the Chinese e-commerce giant, is planning to enter Bangladesh market, said an official of the company during the launch program of UC Browser’s Bangla Version yesterday. UC Browser is product of an Alibaba company called UCweb Inc. that provides mobile internet software technology and services.

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