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Social Enterprise's Biggest Event Kicks Off

Feb 24, 2016

The two-day long Policy Dialogue on Social Enterprise aptly titled ‘Social Enterprise: Impact and Opportunities, kicked off today in Dhaka with a view to discuss about social enterprise, exchange knowledge and experience, and inspire and promote the idea of social enterprise while also suggesting policy recommendations for developing policy framework for social enterprise in Bangladesh.

The event, Organized by British Council, is a follow up of last year’s policy dialogue which created huge enthusiasm and fueled a continuous discussion around the idea of social enterprise. 

The event kicked off this morning at the British Council, 5 Fuller Road, Dhaka having Mr. Hedayetullah Al Mamoon, ndc, Senior Secretary, Ministry of Commerce, Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh as chief guest.

This year, the event is bringing together more than 100 policy experts and social entrepreneurs and impact investors, investment intermediaries and practitioners from Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and the UK, including from organizations such as Social Enterprise UK, Brac and World Bank and aims to become a festival of social enterprise related ideas and discussions.

A two-day long festival of discussions and ideas and talks

This year, the conference will host 8 sessions on Health, Agriculture, Creative Industry, Technology, Impact Measurement and Communication participated by national and international experts on Social Enterprise, entrepreneurs, investors, thought leaders and changemakers.

At the end of a two day long conference packed with keynotes, talks, panels, and mind-blowing conversations, the event aims to shed light on the impact and opportunities that Social Enterprise sector can offer gathering experience from other countries and develop a comprehensive set of policy recommendations for the government to support the sector’s rapid growth.

Note: Future Startup is a strategic partner of the event.

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