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This Workshop On Career Planning Promises To Change Your Life

The roles we take on in our lives – either stereo-typically or otherwise – are ‘outside-in’ reactions. Never for once we stop to look inside and try to figure out:

  • Who am I?
  • Where am I going?
  • What am I doing here?

Seldom we try to explore the innate preferences one is rooted and the innate potentials one is meant to grow towards. Whereas, when we can understand our inner potential and choose things accordingly to complement it we will only save time and flourish more in life. We will not only respond to the opportunities given to us, we will be able to breakthrough and create our own opportunities.

Craft Your Career

A lot of students wonder what do they want to become in their lives, what are they good at and often fumble on the readily available options even if their potential lie on something else. A lot of professionals also waste a lot of time doing things they don’t want to do and as a result they cannot use their full potential, perform average and get frustrated at the end of the day.

This is why SevenSages is doing an unique one-day interactive, certified session for students who are looking for guidance to shape up their careers called Career Crafting.

"Our intention is to understand the participant’s needs and potentials toward making their career and give them guidance on how they can achieve their dreams in a structured way," says Afsana Zarin of Seven Sages, "this session will enable students to recognize the possibility of crafting their careers based on their innate strengths and aspirations mapped to opportunities in the industry."

If you are feeling stalled in your career make sure to contact reputed career counselors to ensure that you get your work life back on track. The main aim of any career counselor is to provide professional assistance and guidance to people so that they do not feel down about their career choices.


The session will be conducted by Mr. Inreoneil Mukerjee who comes with 16 years of consulting and coaching experience as transformational coach and learning consultant and enabler. He has been a transformational coach and learning consultant to organizations like HP, Lenovo, Symphony, Tech Mahindra etc. He has also been a guest faculty and consultant with premium colleges like Wigan Leigh, IASMS, ISB, Dempo etc. in India.

He is an expert in applied behavioral, causal and ontological process, a specialist in Appreciative Inquiry and a pioneer in Transformational Learning, Coaching and Consulting and transformed lives of close to 5000 individuals working with more than 30 business corporations.

How To Attend

The event, scheduled on February 27, 2016, is open for registration now. The registration for per person is BDT 1500. Please follow this link for registration. And for details, you may see here.

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