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03 Startup Friendly Accounting Tools You Can Take Advantage Of

Finance and accounting is one of the few things most founders take ‘not-so-seriously’. Entrepreneurs tend to stay busy with important works and seldom put accounting on their list of priorities. This mentality, often comes from lack of experience, leads to more serious problems later on.

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Early stage startups take accounting less seriously for reasons. It is often expensive for a startup to hire a CFO compared to how less critical the job seems. However, there are easy fixes and less expensive tools that can be used to maintain finance and accounting of a early stage company.

Below is a list of 03 free tools that one can use for easy finance and accounting fix.

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Wave is a cloud based integrated accounting solution. In-terms of size, this is a best fit for small businesses, e-commerce startups with less than nine employee. You can use free version or take a paid one once your organization is ready.

Wave offers easily understandable invoicing, payroll processing, payments and number of other usage to manage your operations. Startups can be able to prepare tax report and balance sheet in Wave.

Moreover, Wave has online forum that provides articles, tips for small business owner and more. If you are an entrepreneur and looking for accountant around you, Wave is an option you may consider.

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QuickBooks offers everything you expect in accounting software. Besides invoicing, bill management, payroll, you can also access report like balance sheets. You can also prepare tax or file forms by using QuickBooks.

QuickBooks provides greater integration with LivePlan, Constant Content and Square other than PayPall. Unlike others, it’s Small Business Center is a great place to seek advice as well as to connect with your local QuickBooks experts.

This software offers one month free trial and its monthly plan starts from $9.99 and varies by your needs.

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For a startup company, FreshBooks is most integrated one. Forbes has called this tool- “incredibly user friendly,” for faster, easier, and secure interface.

You can create and send invoices and calculate expenses quickly. The unique feature of FreshBook allows your specific client to your invoice. In addition, you can schedule recurring invoices, accept credit cards, track monthly expenses, generate estimates and capture billable hours. This accounting software costs $19.95 per month, and offers a 30-day free trial for new customers.

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