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Conversation With Tareq Hasan Of weDevs [FS 15 Under 35 For 2015]

Tareq Hasan, a self-taught programmer with a background in Computer Science, is the co-founder of weDevs. Initially, he started out on his own, and later on founded weDevs and has built a huge company from scratch. Tareq loves programming, PHP and WordPress.

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Briefly tell us about yourself.

I am a programmer turned entrepreneur. But still, I am a diehard coder and try to code as much as possible. I studied Computer Science in Rajshahi University.

I started my journey into programming when I got my first mobile phone after HSC. That’s the time when I came to know about the internet and stumbled into mobile sites. I built my first site by learning and coding HTML/CSS entirely from my mobile phone.

When I got my first computer during my freshmen year at the university, I was too excited and jumped into learning more things. I love creating new things which led me to start my company weDevs, where I design and architect our software products. Being the founder of a company, now that I have to deal with many other things along with programming.

I love music. Uncountable variations of rhythms fascinate me. I wonder about the talent and power of musicians and their ability to make beautiful creations. I also sing sometimes when I feel good, but only for myself.

Often, I long for superpower so that I could solve social problems, corruption and ensure a better life for everyone! But as a mere human, I try to solve those problems within my capacity by using technology - my superpower.

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What do you think about life? Do you think that one should try to make it meaningful? How can one do that?

Everyone spends their life differently. Some people are after luxury, some enjoy life by doing things they love and some people devote their lives for the betterment of others.

I don’t want much in life. Solvency, being loved by others, and be able to help others by doing good, these few things should suffice for me. I wish I will be remembered for doing something good once I would not be here anymore.

Life is so impermanent. We only have one life. To me, I think we should try to add meaning to this life. It only makes sense that way.

I believe everyone should pursue their passion. It is what makes life worth living, and gives our life meaning and purpose. Each time you work on something you love, it creates joy inside you like nothing else. Finding a way to use our passion to give back to the world adds meaning to our life.

Life is pretty interesting. Avalanche of opportunities will come to your way and will confuse you. But you have to be careful. Instead of pursuing three or four goals and making very little progress on them, give your 100% to one thing. Focus. Not only it will reduce your stress associated with each of those goals, your chance of success will increase to manifold.

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Do you feel like contributing to something bigger than who you are?

Our life shouldn’t end when we die. We all have problems and limitations. But we should not limit ourselves within our limitations rather try to contribute to something that last.

From a techy person's perspective, I try to solve problems by using technology. As a country we are moving forward and opportunity to contribute to this journey is immense. I want to be a part of this change with whatever I have.

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15 under 35 final collage
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Five lessons you have learned from the teacher called ‘Life’.

  1. There is no shortcut to learning and success.
  2. Finding your passion is important. Most people are not sure about what they should do in life. People end up doing things that they don’t love and end up living a life they don’t want to live.
  3. Focus is extremely important for success. Distraction kills love.
  4. Allah has a greater plan for us even if we don’t understand it fully. Things might get messy and bad, but I believe that the possibility of happening something good is always there.
  5. Don't compare yourself with others or don’t try to be someone else. There is always someone who is better than you, looks better than you, did something great in life or has more money than you. None of these things are actually matter. Comparing yourself or trying to be someone else is a game you'll never win. As Oscar Wilde said, "Be yourself, everyone else is taken."

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What is the future of Bangladesh? How can young people contribute to make that future better?

It depends on how you want to see it. There are many and we are the ones who will define it. From practical perspective, if you are talking about living condition and cities and space, I am scared. We live in a small country and Dhaka is the center. People come to Dhaka to live a better life and to get a better job. But the fact is, Dhaka is dying.

Look at our traffic in Dhaka, nothing moves. You can’t do much if you need to travel and meet people in different places. This needs to be fixed.

In terms of technology, we have a better future given that we make the right decisions going forward.

We have a huge young population. This is an opportunity and risk as well. Job market is not growing as rapidly as the number of graduates every year. Technology probably can be a solution. Not outsourcing only, with tech you can do a lot more.

A skilled generation can change the economy of Bangladesh by going global and we are experiencing the change already. Many startups, small companies are going global and they are bringing glory to our country.

But there are things to be fixed in order to create space for innovation and technological progress. I hate to say this, but Bangladesh is not friendly and ready yet for technology startups. Right now, technology startups like us are doing business by bending the rules, walking up a very steep road.

For example, we simply can’t bring the hard earned money to Bangladesh as there isn’t any payment mechanism that gives a smooth solution to this. For better tomorrow we need to change many things and I hope that these are going to happen fast.

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