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Tripping: Your Customizable Travel Planner

Nov 28, 2015

Online tour package booking sites is nothing new in global startup space. Only in Asia you will find interesting travel-tech startups that are doing pretty well. Indonesian startup, Tripvisto, just raised a US$1 million series A investment from Shanghai-based Gobi Partners.

In Bangladesh, we have plenty of tour operators but very few of these companies are offering a solution that takes advantage of technology. 

Tripping, a new travel-tech startup launched recently, aims to just do that. By using Tripping platform you can compare packages from tour operators in Bangladesh and choose one that best suits you and also customize and get quote for your own trip plan. Tripping works with local travel agencies and tour operators to offer tour and activity packages.

Bangladesh's middle class is continuing to grow and is becoming interested in both traveling abroad and travelling within Bangladesh. It means services like Tripping will see an increasing demand in coming days.

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