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MoveInSync: Making Employee Transportation Simple

MoveInSync, a Bangalore-based startup, provides transport automation solutions to companies like Google, Amazon, and more in India. The startup, founded by Deepesh Agarwal, Akash Maheshwari and Anuvrata Arora back in 2009, originally started as a car-pooling service but in 2010, after closing a deal with Amazon for employee transportation, the company morphed into a B2B transportation service provider.

Backed by Inventus, Qualcomm And Saama Capital, the startup's Employee Transportation Solution (ETS) gives an end-to-end solution for employee transportation including routing, employee Cab Usage Records, women security feature, tracking, automated reporting, and billing.

MoveInsync claims that its route optimization solution saves 15-26% in transportation cost within six months and reduces transportation time.

This month, the startup launched its service in Vadodara and now available in 15 cities across India. Today, the startup provides services to more than 20 companies including Google, Amazon, HSBC, Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle and Wipro, among others across the country, carrying 100,000 employees daily and riding 20 million kilometers every month.

How It works

The startup gives an end-to-end solution for employee transportation including routing, employee Cab Usage Records, women security feature, tracking, automated reporting, and billing. Once you have the MoveInSync app you can schedule a pick-up and drop-off for you. Once you confirm, the routing engine clubs together multiple employees who can share a cab to minimize travel cost.

The app lets employees to track cabs in real time. It is mandatory for every cab and driver to follow the routes provided by its systems to minimize travel time and ensure security. MoveInSync uses its patented algorithms to calculate optimized routing for the cabs and buses.


Traffic is becoming a huge problem in big cities in India and finding safe transportation is often a challenge. MoveInSync offers a solution that addresses the both problem. Result is apparent, companies like Google loves the service provided by the MoveInSync and in 2014 alone the startup saw revenue of Rs 4.7 crore.

In 2014, MoveInsync had raised US$5 million in series A funding from Inventus Capital Partners, Qualcomm Ventures, and Saama Capital, this year it raised about $3.5 million from Saama Capital, Inventus Capital and Qualcomm Ventures. The startup expects to grow revenue to Rs 7-8 crore in 2015.

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Competition and future

Cubito, another startup in the space, claims to have its own proprietary technology, and just raised seed funding from Sol Primero early this year. Transportation automation is a big sector and there will be more players in the space in coming days. However, MoveInSync claims to offer better service.

In a conversation with Tech In Asia, Agarwal claimed that the startup provides better service and focuses more in customer satisfaction. Agarwal said: "Our unique selling proposition is that we do not sell technology, we assure business efficiency and employee satisfaction. Technology just happens to be a means of achieving this."

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