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Bangladesh Is The 5th Largest Remittance Source For India

Oct 20, 2015

Bangladesh is the 5th largest remittance source for India, depicts a new infographic released by the Pew Research Center based on World Bank Remittance Data. India is the number one remittance recipient country from Bangladesh. More than $4.08 billion was remitted to India from the Bangladesh during 2012, compared with $15.69 Billion from UAE, $11 billion from the United States, $8.38 Billion from Saudi Arabia, $4.27 Billion from UK.

This is particularly interesting because, remittance is one of the biggest foreign currency earners for Bangladesh itself. It is the contribution of wage earners living abroad and doing hard work that has kept Bangladesh's economy going. Below is a chart depicting India's major remittance sources.

Source: Pew Research Center: Remittance Flows Worldwide in 2012

h/t: Alyssa Ayres on Council on Foreign Relations’ Asia Unbound blog, Fahim Mashroor.

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