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Correlation Between Degree And Good Job Explained In Two Graphs

Oct 15, 2015

The common perception across the board is that education is the great equalizer. A good degree has long been considered as a surer means to success. However, things are becoming more and more confusing, major recruiters and employers claiming that there is very little to no correlation between degree and performance of a person and that they are ready to ditch the degree requirements. Here are two charts to understand the correlation between degree and a good career across regions.

Youth unemployment rate by level of education, 2012-2013
Youth unemployment rate by level of education, 2012-2013| Chart source: ILO; Data source: SWTS and Eurostat

In recent years we have seen great debate around the importance of having a college degree to do well in life and have a fulfilling career. Although, there is disagreement but still it seems degrees that are aligned with job market lead to more better and surer career. This is more true for countries like Bangladesh.

Qualification mismatch of youth, 2012-2013
Qualification mismatch of youth, 2012-2013 | Chart source: ILO; Data source: SWTS and International Labour Organization

H/T:World Economic Forum blog

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