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Upgradation In Merge & Acquisition Rules Is Under Way

Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission has taken an initiative to upgrade its merger and acquisition rules to make it easy for merger seekers since merger seekers find it difficult to comply with the existing system, says a report by The Daily Star. A committee has already been formed that will make recommendations to the regulator on possible amendments to the existing rules, said Arif Khan, a commissioner of the BSEC.

For merger acquisition companies -- both listed and non-listed -- follow the Companies Act of 1994 now.There are multiple clauses in the existing rules that are difficult to comply with, hence majority of companies could not comply to the rules. Upgradation aims to fix problems in existing rules and make it grounded in reality


Two Stories To End The Day

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The Investor Of Tomorrow: The Story Of BD Venture Limited
Shawkat Hossain has an astounding body of work. He started off his career in a Garment factory and then moved to NGO and worked at Brac for awhile. When Brac decided to start Brac Bank with a concentration in SME banking, a very risky idea back then, he was picked to lead SME division for the newly born bank. Shawkat entered Banking. He worked as the Head of SME when Brac Bank started its operation back in 2001. Then he moved to Afghanistan to set up a branch of Brac Bank. He was one of the few people who was instrumental in starting a Brac Bank branch in Afghanistan. After coming back from Afghanistan he joined Prime Bank as the Head of SME division. All of these experiences and seemingly disconnected dots fell into place when Shawkat started to think about a venture capital firm.


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Submission For National SME Award 2016 Is Open Now
With a vision to inspire more SME entrepreneurship and also to recognize SME entrepreneurs of the country, SME Foundation has launched ‘National SME Award 2016’. Application for the award is open now.

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