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According To Sam Altman Of YC, This Is How You Build A Failproof Startup

Sep 19, 2015

Sam Altman, the Chief of Ycombinator, world's most powerful startup incubator, went on a 'tweet storm' on September 17 about why startups fail and how to build a failproof startup. He explains if one can build a product that users love and nail distribution for it, everything else should be okay for that startup.

Startups fail. In fact, most startups fail. In any startup ecosystem failure is the single most dominant trend. However, according to Sam, it is possible to make a startup work, if one can ensure necessary prerequisites.

Here's Sam Altman's tweets on building a failproof startup:

1/ If you make a product users love, and figure out how to distribute it, and your economics aren't stupid, everything will go your way.

2/ Companies fail because they fail to make a product users love. But they don't want to admit that, so they blame investors or whatever.

3/ I have never seen a company doing really well die because they were unable to raise money.

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