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Banana Notebooks Is The New Project You Should Back On

Sep 15, 2015

Crowdfunding is yet to become mainstream in Dhaka. However, we are making progress. After successful funding of Wasfia Nazreen’s Rebuilding Nepal Project, here is yet another interesting project to back on Banana Notebooks. Banana Notebooks, a project by Shahtaj Mahmud, Junaid Deep, and Shahroz Al Islam, launched recently on, has already raised BDT 10,670 from 23 backers.

Banana offers a designer notebook that inspires you to write and scribe more. Team Banana aims to make note taking, using notebooks fun again. Idea of Banana Notebooks came to exist in April when team Banana got bored with mediocre notebooks in stores. They decided to make their own and inspired by the designs their friends brought from abroad they made first batch and it went well.

The second collection of Banana Notebooks will be available through A regular Banana Notebook costs you BDT 250 but for backers it is only BDT 190. There are five available designs to choose from and each notebook will cost you BDT 250 including home delivery charge. There are five bundle offers as well with much higher discount. One can also send custom designs and get them printed. However, for any custom design one has to order minimum 20 copies. Team Banana aims to ship first batch of notebooks in September.

Notebook is a huge productivity booster for many people. A notebook with creative design inspires us to use it more often. Back Banana Notebooks on and help make it happen. screenshot

Crowdfunding has become a pretty powerful medium to fund creative ideas and inventions in recent years. We have seen million dollars worth of projects to get funded through crowdfunding platforms by masses. In Bangladesh, funding is a constraint for many creative people and we feel that a crowdfunding platform can contribute meaningfully to solve this problem.

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