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A Case Against Work Life Balance: 6 Tips For Better Work And Better Life

Alain De Botton, a Swiss born modern day philosopher once told- "there is no such thing as work-life balance, everything worth fighting for unbalances your life". And he could not be truer. Let’s be honest, we can never have a perfect work life balance, that’s a myth. But yet again research shows, employees who feel they have a better work life balance, tend to work 21% harder than the employees who don't.

Another research, conducted by WHO, estimates, that 35% of cases of work related stress results in mental health problems. So, there is no scope of denying the fact that we need a sort of equilibrium. We need to understand our work better and our life better and then manage both well. We need it, and we need it now more than ever before. Here are some tips which will help you to work better and live a better life:

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Accept Imperfection
We all are imperfect in our own ways, and that is all right. Accept the fact that you cannot be a star at both home and work at the same time no matter how harder you try, because your hours in a day are numbered. You have to accept that you are no superhuman, and you cannot do your best at both work and home every day. Do not let that guilt get you. You should rather use your valuable time on your family than spending it feeling guilty about not being able to spend time with them.

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Enjoy the little things
Learn to find happiness in small things of life. Enjoy the time at the breakfast table with your family; enjoy the first coffee of the day. The more you start noticing these things, the more you will realize you don’t live a stressful life only. Whenever you do things, do it with a full heart, no matter how small it is. You will find a lot more satisfaction in doing things that way and you will be more appreciative of life.

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Acknowledge the support
Don’t forget to acknowledge the support you are getting from your family members. We are often too tired to say thanks to them but they deserve it the most. Take two second to thank your family members as often as you can and you will wonder how the power of acknowledgement motivates people to do more.

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Take Vacations
You must use your vacation days. It doesn’t matter if you are going somewhere or not, the vacation days must be used to take your days off from work. Stay at home; relax, if you are not travelling. This will help you to get reenergized for work. You will also get some quality time with yourself and your family, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

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Work smarter, not harder
Most of the time people are staying late at work because they are unproductive, they are not working smarter, they are working harder. Set yourself time goals for every work you are doing. Do not check and reply to emails every five minutes, they can wait. Organize your tasks. Set up a reasonable time goal to leave work. In this way, you would be able to spend more time off work.

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Have an outside hobby
Develop a hobby outside of your work. Get busy with it on weekends. This will help you to feel accomplished and get over the monotony of your work. You will also get to socialize with people outside work through this which can be a great way for you. You will start seeing life in new lights.

Afsana Zarin is a wonderful person, startup Activist, and a Co-founder of SevenSages.

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