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JeteChao Is Your New Platform For Finding Events In Dhaka

Sep 7, 2015

JeteChao is a new platform for events where you can find about what’s happening in Dhaka every day. The platform, launched recently, not only provides a list of events but also details about events and how to get there.

Finding event in Dhaka can be hard at times. There are few other places you can go to find events. Eventbrite is an option but it is not an ideal place to go for finding local events. You can also find events on facebook but it is a little difficult to maintain organization and search event. On the other hand, JeteChao is a place where you can search events, find events, know about events, and then go to one that interests you.

The platform just launched recently and yet to figure out many things. We reached out to JeteChao team and waiting for a response. Over the time, there are lots of opportunities to scale it, if things work out. It can let people to open events and also sell event tickets online. The site navigation is not bad but we could not login to the platform due to email issue. We tried for few times but it could not recognize valid and invalid email!

There is proven business model for services like JeteChao. We have seen companies like EventBrite to grow fast and make millions but again it depends on how fast it can grow when facebook is extremely dominant in this space in Bangladesh and people seldom use any other platform!

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