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hubdhaka To Hold Dhaka Networking Night For Freelancers

According to sources, hubdhaka, country’s first coworking space, is holding an event for Freelancers titled ‘DNN- Freelancer’s Night, a more focused version of earlier Dhaka Networking Night. The event, scheduled on September 12, 2015, will take place at Newscred office Dhaka from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm and aims to help freelancers community to come closer and also to listen and learn from thought leaders of the industry.

This registration only event is free to attend, thanks to collaboration between hubdhaka and NewsCred.

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Why Interesting
In a recent post Ibrahim wrote: “the world of work is in constant flux in all around the world. Things are in the mode of perpetual disruption. Everything is changing faster than you can expect. That’s true for how our ‘career’ works as well. With easy access to internet, opportunities are now more evenly available to people than before. Consequently, new form of work, professions, and career options are also growing. More often than not, people now tend to become an independent professional than taking on a regular, underpaid job. Freelancing, as a career option is becoming more and more a realistic choice for increasing number of people."

However, there is a strong need for a platform for freelancers to come together and talk and meet and exchange ideas and to collaborate. Freelancing is a lonely profession and mostly freelancers work in isolation. Event like DNN-Freelancer’s Night would contribute to solving these problems to some extent.

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Why and who
The world is now more connected than ever. At the same time, as humans we are more isolated than ever as well. Human connection works best when we can sit face to face and see the person I’m talking to and when it feels real. DNN is going to make this happen for you. Stop being a social network jerk and get your ass off the chair.

The event is specially designed for freelancers. If you are a freelancer or planning to get into the space or you are someone looking for a potential collaboration with a freelancer then this event is for you.

Freelancers, both novice and successful, are going to have fruitful sessions on topics like Impact of Strong Community, How To Sell Your Skill, Journey of a company and more while meeting fellow freelancers.

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How to attend
This is a registration only event. To register, please follow this link.

Credit: image by hubdhaka

Asmaul Husna is our first Editorial Fellow based in Dhaka. She looks after our Startup and Conversation with entrepreneurs, makers, and experts.

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