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06 Lessons From 06 Bangladeshi Women Entrepreneurs

Sep 3, 2015

Asmaul Husna wrote in her essay on Pains of early stage women entrepreneurs: "Entrepreneurship is a challenging job and it becomes more challenging for women because of their social position. However, it is important for the society that women come forward and start contributing to the society and economy." At Future Startup, we believe our true progress depends on our ability to pave path for our women to come forward and exercise their ability and skills to push the country forward.

Time and again, we interviewed, featured, listened to extraordinary women doing great things from all walks of life. We have learned a great deal from all their stories. Here is such six lessons from lessons Bangladeshi women entrepreneurs who have embarked on uncharted path and managed to continue. [su_spacer]

Bibi Russell, Founder, Bibi Productions
"Stay focused. Money is not everything. There are many ways to make money. Choose one that also does some good for society. You also have to learn how to revolve money. I worked and learned how to make a 10 taka to 12. So, you have to know how to make it revolving."

Read our interview of Bibi Russell Here.
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Hanium Maria Chowdhury, Founder, Tahoor
"A straight life does not make good story. Our life does not change when we are in peace, it changes when we encounter challenges and problems that are bigger than life itself. It changes when we choose to be adamant and make the choice when it is difficult to make one."

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Samantha Morshed, Founder, Hathay Bunano
"As an entrepreneur in the early days you do everything. I think that’s a good thing. Later when you manage all these tasks and other people doing them you know very well how they are all done."

Read our interview of Samantha Morshed Here.

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Ivy Huq Russell, Founder, Maya
"Determination and tenacity are the most important factors. Don’t let anyone tell you can’t do it – not even you. The other ones I would point out are to be confident in your idea but also be prepared to learn from your mistakes and from others."

Read our interview of Ivy Huq Russell Here.

Tahmina Shaily, Founder, Shoilee
"You need to be curious enough to see how things work, have confidence and enough motivation to put into the hard work every early stage venture requires to build."

Read our interview of Tahmina Shaily Here.

Sumbal Momen, Founder, Meenu Apa
Courage and passion are cliché but important. Attention to detail is critical. I personally respond to and respect people who are down to earth and accessible and try to be that way myself. Know your limitations and shortcomings, and work hard every day to improve on them.

Read our interview of Sumbal Momen Here.

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