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Chorki Launches Food And Restaurant Search And It Seems Interesting

Local search engine Chorki launches food and restaurant search today to let you search local food items and restaurants. It means, now on you can go to Chorki and search foods and restaurants and find whatever food or restaurant you are looking for. This sounds a very common thing for a search engine. However, the perks lie somewhere else, it lets you search a specific restaurant and items they offer.

Finding restaurant or a favorite item can be a little frustrating at times. Moreover, it is always difficult to find a good restaurant once you go out of your own town. Chorki food and restaurant search aims to solve these problems. It aggregates restaurants from all over the country and help you to find your favorite dish no matter where you are.

So far, there are around three thousand restaurants and fifty thousand food items to search now. According to Chorki, the number will increase over the time and like all other search engine it will get better every time you use it.

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