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90% Of eCommerce Merchants In Dhaka Are Young And Below 36, Reasearch Suggests

Aug 14, 2015

A recent study, conducted by eCommerce platform, among e-commerce merchants in Dhaka suggests that more than 90% of merchants are young and under the age of 36. The survey conducted among 250 online shop owners in Dhaka also suggests that a large number of people who run e-shop or e-commerce sites are doing it either part time or on the side. Same study also reveals that the space is still male dominated. Only 15% of surveyed e-shop owners/merchants are women whereas it is 85% for man.

We have gathered a portion of the data and put together into a beautiful visual infographic. This infographic tells us everything about who are the owners of e-shops or who are the e-commerce merchants in Dhaka.

Who Owns Online Shops In Dhaka
Who Owns Online Shops In Dhaka
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