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Weekend Contributor: Make Something Awesome With Your Weekends

Hi there! Thank you for taking time and getting to know us. We appreciate that you have shown interest in us.

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Weekend Contributor

We are a media startup trying to help people to make things happen and build things and live an interesting life in Bangladesh. We work round the clock and week to keep the spirit up and we love what we do.

We write articles, we do interviews, we experiment with content, we arrange meet-ups, and we play with beautiful and viral stories. We inspire people to take initiative, help them to make progress in work and life and we help brands and companies and organizations to tell their stories in a better way, in a way that resonates with their community and that pays off.

We work towards these goals by working hard, churning out more stories, addressing more problems of makers and doers, covering more issues, and working with more makers, brands, and organizations.

We also geek out on improving FS by collecting feedback from our users and collaborating with entrepreneurs, makers, doers, and eco-system players to build things with the most impact.

We believe life is all about doing things that you love. And for love there is no schedule. You do it all the time.

You do it anyway.

We are a small team and we are working hard to build a company that lasts. We strive for great balance of being a team that acts like a family. That means we love what we do, share feedback without prejudice, support each other, and take mistakes as opportunities to grow together!

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What You’ll Do As A Weekend Contributor

Every weekend, you will help us in one of three areas of work:

1) Write stories, experiment with stories, take interviews

2) Help us with strategy

3) Help us with growth, distribution and social media.

Time commitment for Weekend Contributor is a minimum 3 months stretch and maximum based on mutual agreement.

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What We Value

Passionate, clear communication, great sense of commitment and responsibility, transparency, open-mindedness, independence, own the work, and patience are a few of our cultural values. We are looking for a person who understands and will thrive in this culture.

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Where You'll Work

You will have the freedom to work from the place that makes you happy or from our small office based in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. If you choose to work remotely, you will have to attend weekly meetings on weekend! You will work with one of the FS team members and you will collaborate on things.

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Perks and Benefits

We’re working hard to build a platform that helps people to make things happen and live a better life. We hope that you're excited by the possibilities that come with working at Future Startup! You will experience great freedom while working at FS, we also offer these perks and benefits:

Salary: You can either go for a ‘pay per work’ package or a monthly package as a weekend contributor. Both packages are negotiable. Or you can volunteer. 

Work Remotely: You can work from anywhere and still be part of something awesome.

Make Great Connections: We work with makers, doers, and leaders in general. This gives an opportunity to make connections of life time.

Free ebooks: We read. We will give you free ebooks as well. No string attached.

Be part of building something great: We are building a media company with a mission from Bangladesh. Be part of a great journey.

Do what you love on weekend: Work is the manifestation of our life. Do what you love and do it when it suits you.

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How To Apply

Please fill this form up to join as a FS Weekend Contributor: https://goo.gl/46cbG8  

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Time Commitment: Every weekend

Ideal Start Date: 30 August, 2015

For any query, please email us at ruhul@futurestartup.com

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