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22 Unusual Facts To Know About Samson H Chowdhury Of Square

1-Eldest son of Eakub Hussain Chowdhury and Latika Chowdhury, Samson H Chowdhury, was born at Aruakandi in Gopalganj on 25 September 1925.

2-He started his schooling in a mission school in Chandpur as his father was posted as a medical officer at the Chandpur Mission Hospital in 1930.

3-His Father sent Samson to Mymensingh for better education in 1933. He got admitted to Victoria Mission School in Mymensingh in class IV.

4- He Joined Royal Indian Navy without informing his parents in 1943. In 1946 he joined a Naval mutiny against British Colonial rulers, and eventually got arrested.

5. Samson spent five days in jail and the he sent to a concentration camp for a month but he was later released and also given a clean certificate of discharge with a recommendation for a government job in any administrative position, or in the law and order agency.

6- He started his formal professional career by joining postal department as a government employee in 1947. That's how his professional career started. 

7- He got married with a 15-year-old-girl, Anita Biswas on 6 Aug 1947. Samson was 22 then.

8- Samson left his post office job and returned home in 1952.

9-Samson started running his father's medicine shop 'Hossain Pharmacy' in the same year.

10-After four years, in 1956 Samson borrowed money from his father and opened a small pharmaceutical company named 'Esons' in Ataikula, Pabna. 'Esons' referred to Eakub and sons

11-As an attempt to expand the business, in 1958 he formed a partnership with three other friends and launched Square pharmaceutical company.

12-Initial investment of Square was Rs. 17,000. Other three partners of Square were Dr Kazi Harunur Rashid, Dr PK Shaha and Radha Binod Roy.

14-In 1964 Square was turned into a private limited company with an authorized capital of Rs 500,000 and a paid up capital of Rs 400,000.

15- In 1974 Square became a licensee of Janssen Pharmaceutica, Belgium, a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson International, USA. It was a turning point for Square as a company. 

16-In 1998 Samson was named "Business Executive of the Year" by American Chamber in Bangladesh.

18-He was also named "Best Entrepreneur of the Country for the year 2000–2001" by the Daily Star and DHL Worldwide Express.

20-In an interview, Chowdhury had said that they had chosen the name Square because it was "started by four friends and also because it signifies accuracy and perfection, meaning quality".

22-He performed the responsibility of the chairman of Transparency International's Bangladesh chapter from 2004-2007 and of Shahbazpur Tea Estate and Mutual Trust Bank.

Sources: Samsonhchowdury.com, Wikipedia 

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