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This Indian Startup Is Solving A Critical Problem In Science Education

Jul 10, 2015

LabInApp-an Indian education technology company- provides a three-dimensional virtual laboratory for students and teachers in schools enabling students without access to physical laboratory to conduct their experiments virtually.
Founded in 2012 the startup is solving a very apparent problem science students and educational institutions face in developing worlds: a well equipped physical laboratory. LabInApp focuses on intervening into the systems and aims to create a virtual learning environment that can be accessed virtually via an app compared to a real world science laboratory.

Recently the startup raises a seed investment from Unitus Seed Fund and Madan Padaki of Sylvant Advisors that came through once they won StartEdu, an edtech startup competition organized by Unitus Seed Fund and Sylvant Advisors.

LapInApp claims that 75 percent of schools in India lack the means to provide their students access to a full-fledged laboratory and their vision is to solve this problem by creating 3-dimensional virtual graphics.

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