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Checklist For Choosing Perfect Co-Founder [Infographic]

Jun 27, 2015

Finding right person to work with is hard. It makes sense why Paul Graham and all other startup experts emphasize on more than one founder while funding a startup. Startup is an extremely stressful journey. One moment your feel excited, motivated, and the next moment you feel like 'what the hell am I doing here on earth'. Finding right co-founder is critical not only because this person will own part of the responsibilities but because it is important in so many levels. But how do you find a perfect co-founder? There is no silver bullet. You will never find a perfect match but you must manage someone close to perfect to increase your chance of survival. This infographic, inspired by Claire McGregor's Medium article on The Perfect Cofounder Checklist', gives a perfect combination of raw materials that one should focus on while choosing a cofounder.

Perfect Cofounder Checklist

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