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Rules For Private Equity And Venture Capital Financing Approved

Jun 23, 2015

Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission [BSEC} approved new rules for private equity and venture capital firms yesterday to facilitate funding arrangement for prospective private firms so that they can pool funds and make equity investment in non-listed companies. BSEC published draft rules for private rquity and venture capital financing for the first time in early June, 2015.

[su_note note_color="#f9fafd" text_color="#4e8df6" radius="16"]Read more: Draft Rules For Private Equity And Venture Capital Financing Says Minimum Size Of The Fund Will Be Tk 100m[/su_note]

In a statement BSEC said, the rules will be posted on the commission's website and will also be published as a gazette notification soon. The statement also said, the funds cannot be raised through public issue or initial public offering; it can be raised only through private placement and it will not be listed or traded on the stock exchanges like other mutual funds.

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