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IDLC Launches New Financial Solution Product For Women Entrepreneurs

The Daily Star reports: IDLC Finance had unveiled a new financial solution for women entrepreneurs that will not only meet their capital needs but also take care of non-financial support they need to start or grow a business.
IDLC named their project as ‘IDLC Purnota’ which means completeness. It offers special interest rates on loan and deposit products for the women entrepreneurs.

Bangladesh has seen a constant rise in the number of women entrepreneurs in recent times. It’s a timely service IDLC can provide to those women leaders of business.

Any woman entrepreneur can apply for loan and they will know by three days whether they are receiving the loan or not other than waiting for months to listen from the banks that they are not getting the loan!

In addition, the new entrepreneurs from manufacturing and services sectors will enjoy grace periods from three to six months. They will get loans of up to Tk 50 lakh at 10 percent interest rates under the central bank refinancing scheme. They can also get Tk 25 lakh in collateral-free loans.

IDLC has already opened a helpline – 16409 -- for women entrepreneurs. IDLC Finance will also provide training facilities on some other relevant matters for the entrepreneurs to help them to grow their business.

Sabidin Ibrahim works as an Editorial Assistant at FS. He is passionate about media, communications and public relations. He loves poetry, obsesses with philosophy, and loves to learn new things.

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