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Real Time Traffic Information App rastaRObosta Launches In Dhaka

Jun 7, 2015

RastaRObosta-a real time traffic information app launches today in Dhaka. The app, that we featured few months back, aims to provide user generated information about real time traffic condition in Dhaka so that people can choose less crowded routes. Once a user installs the app it will ask for information about the road that they are on or a road that they are close enough to see. A user can report that information through the app to a central server. Once they input that information, they will see a map of Dhaka city showing all the major roads, including lanes. The users will also see colors for each of these roads in green, yellow and red. Those colors will indicate the condition of the road. Those colors will be determined from the values that other users have selected for that area. The color will be updated frequently so that a user has the most up to date view of road conditions in Dhaka.

In a report for Future Startup Rounak Ahmed wrote:

A good advantage of this app is that it makes people more active and more dependent on themselves than on the app itself. It is not about receiving information passively, like news and weather updates. Instead, it is about engaging in a communally shared effort and assisting each other. It will make the users collectively more responsible and helpful to each other as they actively participate and input information every time they log into the app.

Rastarobosta app is now available in all three versions: android, OS, and windows.

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