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12 Reasons To Try Coworking In Dhaka [Infographic]

May 21, 2015

Coined by Brad Neuberg in 2005, coworking suggests a working style where people choose to work alongside with other people instead of working in isolation. It is shared working environment which is centered on a core set of shared values like community feeling, collaborative approach, openness, accessibility and sustainability.

Coworking is more than sharing a common space. It is about sharing network, making connections, exchanging ideas, and sharing resources. It gives small startups, freelancers, independent professionals opportunity to work in an environment that heightens their productivity, gives them chances to interact with likeminded people from diverse fields and exchange ideas. Working alone from home and working from a place where we feel elevated and get less distracted make huge difference in our productivity. It helps to accomplish more and get more things done.

In Dhaka coworking is a new thing. It will take time to understand coworking and then embrace it. However, given the situation we have in Dhaka coworking has more to do. The infographic below attempts to take a look at few reasons why we should try a coworking space in Dhaka. This is only tip of the iceberg, since coworking is all about people; it only gets better over the time.

12 reasons to try coworking in Dhaka edited

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