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Dhaka’s First Networking Night To Be Held On May 10

They say, it is not what you know, it is who you know. Today, networking is one of the most critical skills for success. Connections will take you to places. But making connection is not as easy as it sounds. In Dhaka it is even harder to get to know people. Being said that, difficulty does not make anything less important rather opposite.

To help startups and freelancer community to come closer and build strong networks Hubdhaka is going to organize country’s first networking event: Dhaka Networking Night-I. The event which is open to all for free upon registration will take place at the city’s EMK Center May 10, 2015. Dhaka’s first networking night aims to facilitate connection among startups and freelancers and help anyone with passion for starting anything to find right person to collaborate and network.

How To Attend

If you are a startup enthusiast and looking for opportunities to making some real connections, register now and save the date and don’t forget to stop by EMK Centre on May 10. Enjoy an evening with live music, mouth watering food, step into the community of startups and build quality networks.

Please follow this link for registration and contact hubdhaka for details.

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