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ACI Limited Has Just Sold Its Three Leading Brands To S.C. Johnson & Son

Apr 27, 2015
aci brands sold to Johnson

S.C. Johnson & Son, a privately held American family products company, has acquired three leading cleaning products brands, ACI Insecticides, Angelic Air Care and Vanish Toilet Cleaner, from ACI Limited at an undisclosed amount. This is new addition to S.C. Johnson’s continued foreign acquisitions by buying out brands from local market. This deal will strengthen S.C. Johnson’s position in local market of 160 million people as a family products brand.

“We’re excited to add ACI Insecticides and Angelic Air Care to our offering of market leading brands like Raid and Glade,” said Fisk Johnson, S.C. Johnson chairman and CEO.

ACI Limited, which started its business in chemical sector, is now paying more attention to its fast growing and most profitable agriculture business. This new move indicates its attempt to get out of consumer family products to focus more in its agriculture business.

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