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The Tech School: The Past And The Future

The founders of The Tech School are quite happy and satisfied about the growth of the school. Initially, the road was a bit bumpy. But in recent times, the school is growing very fast. Although the ultimate dream of the founders was much bigger but they faced hurdles on their way. They almost toppled all the hurdles in front of them and the road towards their dreams now seem a bit smoother.

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The students of the school have participated in National Robotics Festival competing against university students, much older than themselves. They have also been a part of the Path Finder 3 (PF3), a contest arranged by the BRAC University Robotics Club.

The students of the Tech School has contributed in the creation of many gadgets, automated violins, Bluetooth control car, Bluetooth control room, GPS tracker, etc.

Challenges Now

Parents often ignore the dreams and aspirations of their kids and force them into the traditional societal norms. They often fail to understand the desires and capabilities of their children. Moreover, they want their children to run after a career accepted or hailed by society which they don’t like. By doing this the parents forget that some extraordinary people shaped the world with their indomitable willpower and unforeseen initiatives for whom we are living here now, where common professionals merely serve those initiatives. With 15 regular students, Shams and Neloy still finds it challenging to convince the parents of the enthusiastic children to enroll them into The Tech School and serve the interest of their kids instead that of the society.

Another challenge that they face now is meeting the ever rising expectations of the parents. The parents want their children to be tech professionals even before they begin learning the fundamentals. With a lot of hunger towards the offers of The Tech School, these expectations are on the rise. The founders also consider the sustenance of their venture as another big challenge.

TTS Image 2Lessons Learnt

Throughout the journey till now, Shams and Neloy have learnt a lot. Taking new initiatives are always learning experience to those who take them! What they have realized the most is that all those principles of conventional business such as managing, structuring, organizing, etc are only applicable to companies when they have reached a certain height and they are big enough. But the only thing required for starting is passion. Along with passion one’s patience, persistence and dedication are enough to guide a new start up forward to its success.

Outperforming the Moments of Doubts

Both Shams and Neloy have had countless moments of doubts. But they have always managed to outperform those moments with their belief that what happens always happen for something bigger and better. They have always managed to keep their faith in themselves and by God’s grace, up to now their efforts and dreams have fallen into their rightful places.

No Competitors!

Interestingly, after 3 years of The Tech School’s journey, they didn’t get any competitor yet which is not a good news after all!. Shams and Neloy chose to try something that no one has tried so far and thus came up with The Tech School which is a very innovative and unusual venture.They personally do not believe in competition and they try to serve their students and clients with utmost sincerity and efficiency.

Future Plans for The Tech School

Consistent with their ultimate aim to provide an alternative and customized education model, the founders of The Tech School plan to expand it into a full time school where alongside technology, other complementary courses would be provided with the main focus on technology. This is how students would not have to attend the traditional schools and overburden themselves with pressures while craving for good grades only. They also have a vision to extend their ventures at the hand of the poorest kids enabling them to be a part of making a significant change through engaging their potentials.

What I found most amazing about The Tech School is the passion of the two young minds to make a difference not only in the society but also in the world by creating a platform for children where they can explore their own abilities, discover their own potentials and learn through real life experience. Coupled with the passion of the teachers and the students, The Tech School is on its way of conquering the mountain by turning their dreams into reality.

Credit: This Story is written by Fatema Mohammad for Future Startup and Edited by Sabidin Ibrahim. Images by The Tech School.

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