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Local Startup SureCash Raises $7 Million In New Funding

Apr 21, 2015

SureCash, a mobile banking and payment operator in Bangladesh, founded by Dr. Shahadat Khan in 2010 raises an amount of $7 Million in new funding from The Osiris Group, an Asian frontier market investment firm.


SureCash operates a mobile banking and payment platform that allows anyone with a mobile phone to deposit cash, send money, make purchases, and pay bills. While most mobile financial service (MFS) deployments globally are single-bank models with limited scalability, SureCash’s technology and architecture allow it to integrate multiple banks into its platform, enabling the consumer more payment categories. SureCash is a multi-network and inter-bank platform which gives customers flexibility to use any mobile operator to use the services of any bank that has signed up on the SureCash network.

Previously, SureCash received investment from a group of Japanese investors specializing in the e-commerce industry.

This new investment will allow the startup to expand its operation and fuel its growth.

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